Movable flower beds

Movable flower beds

Souls calmness and thoughts free flow ...

"Beauty will save the world" is an old, good saying, it has not lost its force today. Indeed, we so want to bring beauty, harmony and tranquility into our very hectic life. I really love my dacha. I have always dreamed that on my site there will be a romantic corner where, under the canopy of foliage, you can admire beautiful flowers, look at the overflow of water and enjoy the sounds of classical music.

My "design" work in the garden is only two years old (the previous owners used the site as a potato field).

Since the construction of a new house has not yet been completed and the main landscaping work is still ahead, we So far we decided to create a "mobile" "paradise" and to break a flower bed of constant flowering. We bought beautiful blue decorative pots, a white flowerpot under the fountain. And then the pansies, morning glory and ampelous petunia smelled in the flowerpot, the bowl of the fountain was filled with water, and it began to play with silvery splashes. How pleasant it is to sit on a beautiful white bench after work in the garden and in the beds and relax in the cool bliss of the fountain, listening to Strauss's waltzes.

On my permanent flowerbed, I managed to create a composition that delighted the eye all summer. Tulips and daffodils were replaced on it by the imperial hazel grouse, graceful lilies, luxurious mallow and majestic hydrangea.

Until the fall, ground cover lemon marigolds and cheerful nasturtiums. Of course, I have not discovered anything new in landscape design, but the idea of ​​creating movable flower beds seems to me interesting for beginner gardeners like me, because you already immediately see the results of your work and get the opportunity to get into the corner of your dreams.

Marina Shumova, gardener, participant of the competition, Luga district

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Examples of flower arrangements for the garden

Give the discount the color you want

The dominant color determines the nature of the future appearance of the flower garden.

The Rudbeckia fulgida rug adds a joyful touch to the garden design.

Multicolor and harmonious

A large number of different colors and shapes of colors are combined on this discount.

Despite this, the composition of yarrow, burgundy, golden alstroemeria (Alstroemeria aurea) looks very harmonious, since plants of the same species are planted in groups.

Flower heads in one key

Trio of small-grained geraniumviolets horned (Viola cornuta) and velvety-leaved lychnis crown (Lychnis coronaria) will sing you her joyful, life-affirming song. (Geranium psilostemon),

White inflorescences and fresh foliage

Juicy greens boxwood and fern perfectly sets off the virgin whiteness tulipsblooming woodruff and "hearts" the heart of the magnificent (Dicentra spectabilis) 'Alba'.

Stormy fireworks of contrasts

With them a holiday comes to the garden: intense blue spurlupine (Lupinus) 'Mein Schloss'. (Delphinium) and red-flowered hybrid

By the rules of contrasts

Against the background of a round dance of blue flowers of the catnip Fassenafasnaya lily (Lilium bulbiferum), yellow Eremurus of narrow-leaved bicolor knifophyllus (Eremurjus stenophyllus) and (Kniphofia). (Nepetafaassenii) 'Six Hills Giant' the colors shine even brighter

Scheme of a flower garden of medicinal flowers

In the picture you can see how the flower garden will look like in early summer.

It is convenient to set up such a flower garden somewhere in the corner not far from the summer kitchen. The flower garden has the shape of a "corner".

Medicinal flowers were used for the flower garden:

2 - calendula officinalis,

4 - Veronica officinalis,

11 - medicinal lungwort,

The center of the composition is represented by: yellow-flowered tansy (3) and beautiful mullein calendula (2). (9). A pretty bright orange accent is made with.

Two purple spots on both sides of the corner are Echinacea purpurea (1) and garden quinoa (7), which, in turn, is similar in height to the mullein. In the center in the lower tier there are also purple flowers - salvia officinalis (5).

Finally, the background plants in the middle layer are represented by coriander (11) and thick-leaved incense (6). In the lower tier, these are undersized Veronica officinalis (4), lily of the valley (8) and medicinal lungwort (10).

It is not so difficult to maximize the beauty of a blooming garden in different forms and colors.

The most important role in this will be played by flower beds with mixed plantings of herbaceous perennials, which, unlike annual flowers, grow year after year in the same place and bloom again each time. There is no need to re-plant or sow here.

But, to make the flower bed look beautiful and harmonious, it is not enough to choose from the abundance of offered perennials the flowers you like and plant them nearby, at random.

Scheme of a blue-orange perennial rabat

1. Tall dark blue burgundy (Delphinium)

2. Buzulnik toothed (Ligularia dentata)

3. Anchusa azurea (Anchusa azurea) 'Loddon Royalist'

4. Common Mordovan (Echinops ritro)

5. Lily 'Enchantment'

6. Phlox 'Citrus'

7. Yarrow (Achillea) 'Terracotta'

8. Crimson Gravilate (Ceum coccineum) 'Werner Arends'

9. Stunted large-flowered burgundy (Delphinium grandiflorum) 'Blauer Zwerg'

10. Potentilla tonguei

11. Veronica broadleaf (Veronica teucrium) 'Kapitaen'

Scheme of a beautiful flower bed with perennials

This beautiful flower bed is perfect for a sunny place. For the composition, you will need a platform measuring 3.5 x 2.5 m.

Tall perennials:

1.Liatris spicata 'Floristan Weiss' - 5 specimens.

2.Zopnik ruselovsky (Phlomis russeliana) - 1 specimen.

3. Echinacea purpurea (Echinacea purpurea) - 3 copies.

As accompanying plants used:

4. Beautiful small petal (Erigeron speciosus) 'Strahlenmeer' - 3 specimens.

5.Yarrow ptarmica (Achillea ptarmica) 'Schneeball' - 9 specimens.

6.Hybrid catnip (Nepeta) - 8 specimens.

7.Scented rue (Ruta graveolens) - 3 specimens.

8.Sage sage (Salvia nemorosa) - 15 specimens.

Of ground cover perennials , primarily along the edges of the flower bed, are planted:

9.carpathian bell (Campanula carpatica) - 15 specimens.

10. Renard's geranium (Geranium renardii), not blooming in the picture yet - 15 specimens.

11. Byzantine purse (Stachys byzantina) - 5 specimens.

How to make a flower bed with perennials.

Perennials are best planted in spring.

Prepare the soil by loosening it well and adding compost. Before you start planting plants, distribute approximately the planting material on the area set aside for the flower bed, then you can imagine the picture of the future flower bed more clearly.

Always plant small plants like carnations, primroses, or bergenia in groups of several. Tall perennials, such as krasodnev (daylily), are also good as soloists.

Be sure to take into account the need for plants in relation to the occupied area. If you plant the plants too far from each other from the very beginning, bald spots will gap for a long time in the flowerbed, which will not be slow to take advantage of the weeds.

If planted too tightly, not all plants will be able to develop normally, and individuals with stronger growth will displace weakly growing ones.

When everyone has found their final place, make planting holes and plant the plants so that the clod of earth with the roots is at the same level relative to the surface of the earth as before in the pot. Finally, compact the soil around the plants and water them well to ensure a good start.

And be patient: a flowerbed with perennials takes timeto show yourself in all your beauty.

Rabatka of sun-loving perennials

This bed of perennials is dominated by soft and delicate colors.

1. Miscanthus - Miscanthus sinensis.
2. One-year malopa three-incised, or hole - Malope trifida.
3. Hybrid variety of yarrow - Achillea 'Schwefelbluete'.
4. Bellflower milk-flowered - Campanula lactiflora.
5. Perovskia wormwood - Perovskia abrotanoides.
6. Annual hybrid of verbena - Verbena.
7. Sedum-squeaky, or hare cabbage - Sedum telephium (before flowering).
8. Ornamental round-headed onion - Allium sphaerocephalon.
9. Foxtail cirrus - Pennisetum alopecuroides (before the appearance of peduncles).
10. Wormwood Louis - Artemisia ludoviciana.
11. Hybrid variety of yarrow - Achillea 'Lachsschoenheit'.
12. Hybrid shrub aster - Aster dumosus (before flowering).
13. Hybrid coreopsis - Coreopsis.
14. Catnip Fassen - Nepeta fassenii 'Six Hills Giant'.
15. Geranium Himalayan - Geranium himalayense.
16. Annual fragrant tobacco - Nicotiana.
17. Santolina cypress-Santolina chamaecyparissus.

Examples of compositions from sun-loving perennials

Cascades of colors

Thanks to a well thought out planting, geraniums, sedum and cuff receive as much sunlight as the tall wood mallow (Malva sylvestris) in the background.

Warm colors of autumn

The delicate and soft palette of Echinacea purpurea, Helenium and Aster amellus hybrids is simply amazing!


Daylily (Hemerocallis), Gaillardia (Gaillardia) and spotted loosestrife (Lysimachia punctata) just glow in the sun.

Aquilegia (right) and foxglove (in the background) do not live long themselves, although they are perennials.

If you allow their seeds to ripen, then they will quickly settle in the garden by self-sowing.

Perennial flower bed scheme for impatient flower growers

it perennial flower bed scheme for a sunny place that will delight you with picturesque flowering in the first year.

In the background there is a biennial stock-rose 'Pleniflora' (1) - yellow, red and white - along with a ten-petalled sunflower 'Capenoch Star' (2), decorated with numerous inflorescences-baskets.

Icelandic poppy (3) picks up the baton of the colors of the stock-rose and passes it on to the odorless St. John's wort (4).

A crimson ribbon of cardinal lobelia (5) winds through the flower bed. Fassen's catnip (6), Poskharsky's bell (7) and blue katananche (8) add lilac-blue accents.

Gravilat 'Feuerbal' (9) will bloom quickly and decorate the flowerbed for a long time, but sedum 'Matrona' (10) will save its beauty until autumn.

Colorful motives in the flowerbed

This cute garden bed can beautify your playground. A composition of variegated colors of pastel colors, with striped and speckled patterns on the petals - like a cheerful color on a chintz fabric.

1 - panicled phlox, 2 - meadow geranium, 3 - Waller's balsam

In the background of this flower bed - pink with a dark center asterisks of paniculata phlox (1). The Darwins Choice phlox also has striped white-green leaves, which also add charm to this composition. Meadow geranium is planted in the middle part of the flower bed (2). The Splish Splash variety of meadow geranium is distinguished by its variegated white and blue flowers. A low-growing variety of touch-me-not - Waller's balsam (3) is located in the lower tier of the flower bed. Explore Violet Star has purple flowers with a white center. You can also choose the variegated Belizzy Rosa Stern variety.

Garden flower bed with bright colors

Perhaps you like oriental gardening? If this is the case, and besides, your garden furniture and decorations are also designed in an oriental style, then we can advise you on this bright flower bed, which will become a real decoration for the garden.

For the flower bed, a combination of colors of red, bright pink, orange and purple colors is used.

1 - tree heliotrope, 2 - Sander's tobacco, 3 - erect marigolds,

4 - New Guinea balsam

The top of the composition is a purple tree-like heliotrope (1). On the middle tier there is Sander's scarlet decorative tobacco (2) and erect orange terry marigolds (3). The bottom of the composition is decorated with bright pink New Guinea balsam (4).

Neutral composition: white-green flowerbed

If you don't need such bright accents as in the two previous examples of flower beds, then this calm neutral option will suit you. The green and white colors of this flower bed will refresh the corner of the garden where you place it - for example, if you need to visually brighten the space.

The flower arrangement in this garden bed looks very restrained and noble. You can use it to thin bright colors where needed.

1 - smooth molucella, 2 - caudate amaranth, 3 - large snapdragon

Although the flowers in this bed are very calm colors, the shape of all three species is unusual. Tall, smooth molucella (1) is unusual for its large green funnel-like sepals. The caudate amaranth (2) has lush inflorescences, “earrings.” For this flowerbed, the green-flowered variety of amaranth Gruenschwanz was chosen. The flowers of the large snapdragon (3) are also of unusual shape, here it is white.

Flower bed in front of the dark curtain

The garden sculpture is surrounded by annual decorative forest tobacco (Nicotiana sylvestris) and ground cover ceratostigma plumbaginoides.

Flower bed with dahlias

Tall dahlias fit perfectly into a flower bed of perennials, whose peak flowering occurs in the summer.

1. Golden yellow cactus dahlia,

4. Common Dubrovnik (Teucrium chamaedrys).

Regularly remove faded dahlia inflorescences, then the flower bed will retain its beauty for several weeks. Delphinium will bloom a second time at the end of summer, if you cut off its peduncles immediately after the first flowering.

Rest area

In place of the flower bed, there is now a cobbled area for resting with cushions of fragrant thyme, Roman chamomile and cat's paw.

Along the fence there is a hedge of thuja and cypress, their thick and spicy aroma floats in the air. The garden bench is surrounded by roses, lilies, catnip, lavender, sage, various varieties of mint and lemon balm in pots.

Blooming Honeysuckle (Lonicera heckrottii), twisting in an arc from a steel tube, formed a fragrant canopy above the bench.

New flower bed - colorful rabatka

New design for the original flower bed. This colorful rabatka is distinguished by the variety of plants placed on it.

In addition to cypress, other evergreen woody trees appeared here: boxwood, skimmia and cherry laurel.

Forchuna's gray-blue euonymus and 'Yariegata' pieris with white-green leaves sparkle with light spots. The fence is completely hidden behind the yellow leaves of Colchis ivy.

Among the floral riot are the ‘Ville de Leon’ clematis pyramids. Stonecrop and autumn-blooming asters try to repeat its victorious purple-red color.

The color scheme is supported by the delicate panicles of 'Gattleya' astilba, slender spike-shaped inflorescences of Veronica long-leaved, incense brushes and delicate bells of Heuchera.

Pond decoration

In place of the flower bed, you can break a small pond, the banks of which can be decorated with flowering plants. Pleasant to the eye, the company in the far corner was accompanied by arundinaria cypress, Japanese maple and ‘Irmelies’ rhododendron, strewn with pink flowers.

On a small piece of land between the shore of the pond and the fence, there are herbaceous perennials: basil (Thalictrum), Japanese primrose with candelabra inflorescences, monet lobe.

There are also several dwarf pines and hemlock. A carpet of forget-me-nots is spreading directly on the shore near the iris and the rush. And in the foreground there is a tender anemone, a scrub and a fern against the background of the decorative Kuril plum ‘Brilant’ in a white decoration.

A wooden fence with lattice elements is very decorative and at the same time protects the site from prying eyes.

Perennial flowers are the best basis for creating a flower bed

There are two varieties of colors. The first group includes those called annuals - in the spring you plant seeds, and they grow and bloom for only one season. The second group includes flowers that are called perennials, that is, perennials that require more care, attention, but at the same time they will delight gardeners for more than one year in a row.

Perennials have a number of advantages that are appreciated by amateur flower growers:

  • The variety of species is huge, and this is very important when creating a large flower bed.
  • The lifespan of the plant. At the end of the season, only the upper part dies off, but the roots can live for more than 6 years (not in all plants).
  • Convenience of transplanting and propagating flowers, since you can use the rhizome, seeds and shoots, which will be convenient when creating new flower beds.
  • A huge number of plants that are also medicinal in nature, which will delight people who would like to have their own "green pharmacy".

Vertical flower beds: beautiful ideas for tiny plots

Home / Tips & Ideas / Design & Decor / Vertical Flower Beds: Beautiful Ideas for Tiny Plots

Aina Sun, 05 Apr 2020 07:47:51 +0300

Even in the smallest area, flower beds and a vegetable garden can be placed if you take the idea of ​​vertical flower beds into service. A vertical garden is good for an apartment, a country house, and a plot. We explore the almost limitless possibilities of vertical gardening and take note of the most interesting options.

Do-it-yourself vertical flower beds: another plane of summer cottage inspiration

Vertical flower beds are not a new idea, but more and more relevant in view of the fact that not everyone can afford large areas. Old techniques + new technologies and ideas = modern design of a small area.

Garden Ideas: The Pros Of Vertical Flower Beds

The main advantages of vertical gardening of the site:

  • compactness
  • saving square meters
  • multifunctionality (for example, creating beautiful green screens from vertical flower beds)
  • the possibility of zoning the site
  • masking and decorating not the most perfect buildings, walls, fences, etc.
  • easier care (for example, strawberries in vertical beds are easier to care for)
  • creating accents in the design of the site.

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