Haworthia pungens

Haworthia pungens


Haworthiopsis pungens

Haworthiopsis pungens, formerly known as Haworthia pungens, is a small succulent that forms rosettes of smooth, rigid, and sharp-pointed…

A proliferous, caulescent succulent, with sharp smooth dark green leaves, that grow in five (and occasionally three) rows. It forms spreading clumps. In its appearance it most resembles Astroloba rubriflora or Haworthiopsis viscosa (although the leaves of H. pungens are smooth and the plants are less upright in form).

The species name "pungens" means "sharp-pointed", and refers to the leaf-shape.

The species was formerly placed in Haworthia subgenus Hexangulares. Phylogenetic studies have demonstrated that subgenus Hexangulares is actually relatively unrelated to other haworthias (being more closely related to Gasteria). The species was therefore moved to Haworthiopsis. [2] [3]

This vulnerable species occurs in two localities within a small area in Langkloof, near Joubertina, in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. Here it grows on rocky conglomerate west-facing slopes in fynbos vegetation. [4] [5]

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