Information About Trigger Plant

Information About Trigger Plant

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Trigger Plant Information: How Australian Trigger Plants Get Pollinated

By Susan Albert, Freelance Garden Writer

What is a trigger plant and what does the trigger plant do exactly? Click here for information on how the plant performs its strange pollination ritual.

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Everything You Need to Know About ZZ Plants

As I was headed into my local nursery the other day, an interior-plant deliveryman was unloading a van out front. Because I am perennially curious and a devout plant lover, I poked my head inside and saw the vehicle was basically a fully loaded plant-candy store with a fine selection of leaves and stems instead of chocolate and sprinkles. And because I am that kind of person, I struck up a conversation with the grower. After taking the one-minute “tour” of the truck, I asked him what his most popular plant was. You guessed it: ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia).

ZZ plant is the quiet hero of nearly any Instagram-worthy houseplant collection, the stalwart soldier in the corner of the photo frame as you scroll through thousands of images of #houseplantsofinstagram and #crazyplantlady foliage.

Turns out there’s a good reason that tropical plant Z. zamiifolia is a social media darling. After further discussion (and not even trying to pronounce the lengthy name), I was so convinced that I marched into the nursery and bought my own #zzplant. What persuaded me?

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the hipster houseplant ZZ.

Repotting sansevieria

This step is mandatory and must be repeated every 2 or 3 years. Use a pot slightly larger than the previous one.

When repotting, choose a pot that is slightly wider across than the previous. It shouldn’t be too large. Check that the bottom lets water drain out through holes.

The roots are very powerful. If you don’t repot on time, your plant will simply swell and burst the pot!

Watch the video: Trigger plant, Stylidium armeria, Mt Baw Baw, Vic., Australia Jan 2004