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 Borage: medicinal properties, method of use and benefits Various

Borage: medicinal properties, method of use and benefits

Borage Borago officinalis (family Boraginaceae) GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS Borage, whose scientific name is Borago officinalis belongs to the Borraginaceae family. a very common plant that is found everywhere with its blue flowers with almost black stamens.The borage is a herbaceous, annual plant with an erect posture, stem covered with stiff hairs, alternate leaves covered with a dense down that give it a velvety appearance.

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Noni juice Various

Noni juice

Characteristics Noni juice is characterized by being extracted from the fruit of the homonymous plant, which is commonly called with the scientific name of Morinda Citrifolia.We are talking about a plant that belongs to the category of evergreens and which has a typically perennial flowering.

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Artichoke funds - Various

Artichoke funds -

How to prepare artichoke bottoms Having artichoke bottoms ready to cook is great! You do your garden, and you grow artichokes, organic in addition ... You are right. When the harvest comes, of course we love it, now is the time ... But sometimes, with a good harvest helping, you know that your personal consumption will not allow you to consume all of it.

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Passiflora - Main species of Passiflora Various

Passiflora - Main species of Passiflora

HOW TO GROW AND CARE OUR PLANTS PASSIFLOR Also called Passion flower They are extraordinary plants, endowed with absolute beauty that have enchanted and fascinated all plant lovers for generations. Page 1 -2 MAIN SPECIES There are many species but the most important cultivated in Italy is the Passiflora coerulea with its numerous hybrids created in recent years thanks to the great interest that these plants arouse for their extraordinary beauty.

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Rock Rose Bach flower - What it is and what it is for Rock Rose of Bach flower remedies Various

Rock Rose Bach flower - What it is and what it is for Rock Rose of Bach flower remedies

BACH FLOWERS That is FLORITERAPIAROCK ROSE (eliantemo) The Rock rose remedy from Bach flowers is for people who are terrified, an uncontrolled fear that makes it impossible to do any reasoning. scientific: Helianthemum nummularium (Family Cistaceae) FOR WHO IT IS & 39; THIS REMEDY The Bach Rock rose flower is indicated in flower therapy for those people who experience acute fear attacks as a result of which they have real panic attacks accompanied by uncontrollable physical reactions: tremor, sweating, tachycardia, feeling of frost, momentary paralysis, inability to react, etc.

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Brazier Various


The brazier has been used for several years as a heating system, especially when the traditional means of heating for the environment did not yet exist. The fireplace was used in the central room, usually the kitchen, and the embers were placed inside a brazier placed in the other rooms to be able to heat them.

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Dromedary: who is the dromedary and how does it live Various

Dromedary: who is the dromedary and how does it live

DROMEDARIONota 2CLASSIFICAZIONE SCIENTIFICARegno:AnimaliaPhylum:ChordataSubphylum:VertebrataClasse:MammaliaOrdine:ArtiodactylaFamiglia:CamelidaeGenere:CamelusSpecie:Camelus dromedariusNome comune: DromedarioDATI GENERALILunghezza del corpo : fino a 3 metriAltezza al garrese(1): 1,8 - 2,0 metriPeso:400 - 600 kgDurata della vita:40 anni (50 anni in cattività)Maturità sessuale:le femmine a 3 anni; i maschi a 6 anniHABITAT E DISTRIBUZIONE GEOGRAFICAIl dromedario, nome scientifico Camelus dromedarius della famiglia Camelidae, èun mammifero che vive nelle regioni desertiche dell& 39;Africa, in particolare nel desertodel Sahara e nelle regioni sud occidentali dell& 39;Asia, dall& 39;Afghanistan fino all’Indianord occidentale.

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Avocado seeds Various

Avocado seeds

The avocado plant is one of those that fall into the Lauraceae family: it is a species that comes from Central America, Mexico, Guatemala and the Antilles Islands.It is a plant that is characterized by having an important development, given that during advanced age, it can even reach 15-20 meters in height.

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Metis - Goddess - Greek and Latin mythology Various

Metis - Goddess - Greek and Latin mythology

METISATena daughter of Metis, Roman copy of Attic statue Metis according to Greek mythology was a very powerful divinity, daughter of Ocean and Thetis who personified wisdom, reason and intelligence.We find her in two important circumstances: the first when she prepared a drink that he made Cronus vomit the children he had swallowed (see myth: The birth of the world); the second is as the first wife of Zeus but who had a sad end as both Uranoche Gea had predicted to Zeus that he would be dethroned by a son of Metis therefore when she became pregnant with Athena Zeus swallowed her to be sure to keep the kingdom.

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Mauritania - Story of my trip to Mauritania Various

Mauritania - Story of my trip to Mauritania

MAURITANIA Crossroads between the Muslim world and Black Africa by Antonietta Peroni and Giovanni Camici Village of nomadic shepherds (Mauritania, state of West Africa) Village of nomadic shepherds (Mauritania - state of West Africa -) Village of nomadic shepherds - Bread baked in the sand ( Mauritania - state of West Africa -) Village of nomadic shepherds - Tea rite (Mauritania - state of West Africa -) Village of nomadic shepherds (Mauritania - state of West Africa -) Village of nomadic shepherds - Moment of prayer ( Mauritania - state of West Africa -) Village of nomadic shepherds (Mauritania - state of West Africa -) You will find other photos of my trip in the pages: Note This article was sent by one of our readers.

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Peas-asparagus, sowing, maintaining, harvesting, cooking Various

Peas-asparagus, sowing, maintaining, harvesting, cooking

Peas and asparagus, a vegetable garden full of elegance ... Here is an original vegetable plant. It is cultivated for its "fruits" but develops small purple-red flowers that make you think of butterflies. The fruits are remarkable, we will talk more about pods, angular, square and winged.

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Silver bindweed, plant it and maintain it with J' Various

Silver bindweed, plant it and maintain it with J'

Beautiful shrub, from spring, summer, just like winter Silver bindweed is indeed a beautiful shrub that can be easily used in a rock garden or in a bed. In spring, it is covered with small flowers, in corollas, white, with a yellow heart. The petals sometimes have pink veins. This bindweed is ideal in the garden and also in pots where it likes perfectly!

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Wooden benches Various

Wooden benches

Introduction We can say that the wooden benches represent a bit of the traditional bench, since a natural material is used that is in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature. Natural coloring and varnishing Depending on the type of wood used, the bench takes on a different color; usually the wood is left in its natural state, to prevent the use of paints from covering the original grain.

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Christmas Various


Christmas has finally arrived, the most magical holiday of the year! With great enthusiasm we all think about how to make our home more festive and cheerful. In this section we will provide you with ideas on the various decorations that you can make inside your rooms. Of course, the sections dedicated to the two symbols of Christmas could not be missing: the tree and the nativity scene.

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Roridula - Carnivorous plant Various

Roridula - Carnivorous plant

RORIDULAL Roridula are carnivorous plants that capture their prey through VISCOUS SECRETIONS that bog down the prey. In some of them the secretion is & 39; constant while in others it occurs only in the presence of the prey.The roridula belongs to the Roridulaceae family and is the only genus present in this family and are native to the poor soils of south-eastern Africa located in areas characterized by hot and dry summers and cold and very rainy winters.

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Orange pruning: how to prune the orange tree Various

Orange pruning: how to prune the orange tree

Orange pruning: this is a delicate activity, but necessary for the well-being of the plant. With the right techniques, pruning the orange helps to produce abundant flowers and fruit. In fact, only by pruning the orange tree are we able to maintain the right balance between the growth of the roots and that of the foliar apparatus, obtaining healthy and vigorous plants.

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Vases and planters Various

Vases and planters

Pots and planters fall into a rather important category of garden furniture, there are also those who use them as a piece of furniture. Their use refers to both the garden and the terrace, obviously you try to use solutions on your balcony that occupy a rather small space without sacrificing the space necessary for the survival of the plant.

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Photinia hedge Various

Photinia hedge

Question: Photigna hedge The leaves of the photigna have extensive black dots and the plants do not grow tall or thicken. What happens? Thank you Siepe fotinia: Answer: Hedge fotigna Dear barbara, welcome to the section of our website dedicated to the questions of our readers. The problems with your photinia plant might be different, and it's hard to tell precisely what the disease is without seeing the plant.

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Jojoba oil Various

Jojoba oil

Characteristics Jojoba oil is characterized by having been used since ancient times by the Indians, as a system to effectively treat all those ailments related to the skin.It is called jojoba oil, although in reality it is more of a liquid wax.This is a peculiarity that allows jojoba oil to be significantly differentiated from all other seed oils: it is the fact that this interesting oil has no trace of glycerin inside and has a linear molecule , which does not branch and this undoubtedly allows us to take into account its great ease of being absorbed by the skin, as well as being able to penetrate deeply, up to all those tiny pores of the epidermis and the interstices of the dermis .

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